Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Our Mihis by Sarah.

At school we did our Mihi art  for a week we
wrote it in a big circle and then covered it in vivid.
Last we water coloured them and they look beautiful.

Here are the Our Lady of Victories Room 6 zones team for swimming!
 Cody McGrath, Sarah Newcombe and finally Callum McGirr.

The Krypton By Ally


On a cold sunny day Miss Ball told us to go to the krypton so we grabbed our hats some of us were walking with excitement and a lot of us were running also with excitement. The people who were running really fast was screaming so LOUD!!! When we got to the krypton first I went on the blue wire bridge. It was so hard to stay on it that I wobbled a lot then I tried to go on the pull up bars but I couldn’t because I was to short. I saw kids playing happily in the krypton with laughter and joy.

The birds were singing their hearts out and the cicadas were singing like a choir of children.

I could feel the fresh breeze on my face and I could also feel the crunchy bark beneath my shoe.

I’m glad I have the krypton because it’s awesome, unique and a barky place to go.

Introduction to Room 6 Blog

Good morning

Today we are uploading many stories about what we have been doing in Room 6, so far this term.

There are six bloggers in our class: Kerby, Sarah, Ally, Marian, Neviah and Matthew. They are getting paid Banqer dollars $325.00 a week for this job.

Also camp notices will be sent home this afternoon for you to sign and return to school by Friday 15 March.

Thank you 

Kendall Ball

Softball With Amy By Kerby

Softball With Amy By Kerby

The wind was curling on my hair, we were radiantly sprinting to Amy our softball teacher everyone was so happy!

I saw children helping each other to get the individual person out sometimes people were running to the person that's going to first base Out!   

I heard teammates saying compliments to each other they were encouraging and encouraging,
Sometimes when we got someone out there was always this person who is dancing the heart off but I always said for them to stop.

I touched the steel bat it was very hefty, once I caught the ball it was balloon-like but very heavy for a balloon!

I was catching left to right on The last day I got two people out I remember we got told that Amy said this is the best school she has came too!

THE  Krypton by Sarah.

Everyone was running to the krypton with excitement.

I heard the lawn mower in the background while it was slicing the
grass the children were screaming laughing and talking.

I saw children playing on the equipment and running round with joy
as they jumped around and swung.

I felt the soft breeze against my face I felt the pain of the rope
rubbing against my hand I felt really alive playing outside.

I was jumping and swinging on the ropes as my friend and I were
jumping up and down on the ropes.

In the end we all ran back to the classroom dodging the lawn mower
I really enjoyed the time at the krypton.