Monday, 27 May 2019

C.S.D by Marama

 video at the top.
It is Catholic Schools Day today and you’ll never guess what we did. This morning Villa Maria and St Thomas’s came over for school Mass. Then we had to walk over to St Thomas’s to get the day’s activities started. Everyone was very excited. We had lots of rotations but my favourite one was dancing because it was so much fun dancing with different people. The people who showed us the dance were so nice so that’s why dancing was my favourite activity. \the vid is at the top\.

by Anika

Villa and st thomas pluse us went to school mass after we finished we walked over to st thomas.when we got there we had to stand on the stage and do our kapa haka and we were very squished on the stage.when it was over we did our first rotation there was egg spawn race and potato sack races trid both of them and they were both so favorite bit about going to st tomas was the hand paint. It felt really weird on my hand.when i dipped my hand in the water my hand was so cold.after when we were finished we were aloud to do some skipping.

Dy anika

Today we went to the st thomas school.with villa maria I did the dance which is the second rotation two students were showing us the moves then we did it with the music then it was time to go to the third rotation.

By darren

by matthew

Today we went to St thomas of canterbury collage with villa maria for a fun filled day! The thing i enjoyed the most was the payer shane because it probabley was the longest thing there was!After that we went to the tree line and had a free sausage it was an amazing experience.

by callum

Today was Catholic schools day so St Thomas and Villa Maria also OLV got together to do some fun things.

One thing that I really enjoyed the most was when we did sport/potato on spoon and sack race. I bet Nico in all of the activities and he rematched me (but still won so too bad for Nico.)

by Mackenzie


First thing group 2 did was dancing.The dance was grape vine it was lots of fun.we did lots of steps and claps then we did some shimmies with a partner and mine was Marian then to finish the dance we did we did was freestyle and it was so fun it was the best time of my life.


Aaron cruz


Today we had a Catholic School Day. First
we got into groups.I was in group 4. Next we did activities. My favourite activity was the leaf tree which is when you write something that you are   thankful for.I was thankful for Kerby being my best friend forever when I first started school at OLV.At the end I had a lot of fun and
I don't regret what I was thankful for.

by Georgia

Catholic School Day

On Tuesday the 28th of May, the Whole school went to St Thomas’s Villa Maria was also there so three schools at one. We split into six groups sadly I wasn't with my best friends but I had Louie and Sophia which was still cool. Then we got our St Thomas supervisor what a coincidence that my brother and his friend was the supervisor.

My favourite activity was sack race and potato relay race me and Ethan was versing each other and obviously, I won again and I
rubbed it in Ethan's face.

It was really fun today and we all wish we could do it again.

by Ivan

Today was kapaha

It was good time. When I did the kapa haka

With all my friends. It was fun today. That time
Boys and girls change and the boys was in

The front. By Ivan

by David

Today on Tuesday it was Catholic schools day. All about Catholic schools day is about having fun, my favourite part of the day was the chain prayer. What you had to do was write a prayer on a piece of paper. Then the Villa Maria girls put the papers together so it will look like a chain. And that is my favorite part of the day.

by Marian


Today it was Catholic Schools day there were lots of activities like, dance, sports, leaf tree, prayer chain,playground and hand print.

The best activity was dance I loved dance because it was fun and I enjoyed it.

I felt happy because I use to dance.

The dance reminded me of the dance at the philippines.

By Marian

by Lancey

               Catholic School’s Day!

Today it was Catholic School’s Day First, the seniors had to do the KAPA-HAKA and after we do the KAPA-HAKA we were going to do some fun activities! The activity I liked the most was the dancing part, I like it because I also like dancing, so the people who were teaching us the dance were Logan and Lorain and they’re from Villa and Saint’Thomas!

So Lorain and Logan first taught us some moves the song was called “Wanna dance with somebody” and that's one of my least favorite songs it wasn't that bad though.

A couple of mins later not really long but yeah we finished practicing, we really enjoyed dancing we had fun!

By Neviah

Today it was Catholic School day. Villa Maria, St Thomas and our School got together. My favourite rotation was dance because we got to move and flow with the music. My favourite move was the airplane because it was a big movement. It was a cool experience to get together.


C.S.D BY Kerby


Today on Tuesday we had Catholic School Day.

I was excited about this we came to a stop at the St Thomas hall to do the haka is was really really fun Kl and I was one of the lead singers on the stage I had butterflies they were really bad.

Dance: At dance Logan and Lauren taught us some dance moves we got to do them at the end Dance rotations were my favorite.

In the end, we got to dance the song we were practicing.


Handprint painting by Sarah

First we had to roll our sleeves up so we didn't get paint all over our uniform.
After that we got into a line to get some paint of our choice on our hands then slap we put it on a giant piece of fabric.Then you had to wash your hand and dry them.Now grab a skipping rope and get playing.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

by Ivan

Water slide

I climbed the stairs to the top. It was muddy cold and wet. When I got on the slide I was freezing cold as the more times I went down the slide the warmer I got. I went down so many times I got faster and faster.

by Jp

                (Wall Climbing)
First Cody was telling us what to do we tighten our            
harness  or Cody help us tight our harness and I  .
Went to  number two pulling the rope but pulling   .
The rope is like tug war.The climber  went up but .
didn’t finish so I was next and climb up but I didn’t .
finish number two was hard so I tried number next.
So I was pulling the rope hard as possible then I   .
was next I climbed up all the way up no breaks but
I went down doing the iron man pose,floss and hype.
But number one was easy number two was abit     .
harder to climb all the way up and I didn’t finish      .
number two so I watched and took a break.


by darren

Aero Jump

On the first day of camp we went running to the aero jump.Group 2 was the first group to go to the aero jump on the trampoline. I felt the cold air upon my face. My heart was beating so fast because I was so scared.Then it was Georgia Bs turn I had a fun day at camp.

By darren

By Matthew

The Water Slide
As I was climbing up my nerves were growing every step I took. Upon the platform, I was shivering and shaking and just revving to go down and Itching to go race people and win!

At the bottom of the freezing water slide, there was a gigantic puddle! My dad taught me a way to go as fast as possible on the slippery water slide. This is how, first you cross your feet to make only one heel on the slide and next, make only your shoulder blades touching.

I couldn't get enough of it! I thought it was an amazing experience!

By Matthew   

by Neviah

We were split Georgia, Lancey and I then we got handed a sheet to stamp. Just as we were entering the woods ester said’’do you want me to come’’Sure ‘’we said excitedly. When we entered the woods Ester showed us some strategies.I could smell the fresh air and the breeze on my face.

Soon we found our first yellow post.B.We saw a lot people crowding around it at the same time.Ow the sticks kept poking me.The second place we went was fence line were we found S. Esther said to go straight to E which was about ten meters ahead. About 15 minutes later we were on our last post.It was behind the big blue tractors I sprinted across the lush green grass.

Bam I stamped it. Then I ran back to the others and we all clapped.Finally we headed back to where we began. I
Can’t believe it we were first and just in time for morning tea.MMM.I felt really good that we came first last time we got lost.


by Nico go karts

Go karts
Everyone sprinted over to the go karts we sat in the bleaches to get out of the pouring rain then the man came to tell us the rules kerby was just tall enough. I said to dad “isn't this cool” he replied “yes it is” kerby was up he sat on the seat and went off . he got stuck on the hill on his final lap oh did i forget to tell you that we get tree laps each and now back to the story and a few more people and i was up and i stepped up to the wheel  and did my seatbelt and i was off in a flash i went around corners and went over bumps “weeeee” i said when i went down the hill i felt the wind in my face when i went past the bleaches on my final lap when i stopped i vibrated like crazy from the rumbly motor the go carts are so much fun.

by neil


Cody took us ziplining on the last day of camp.I was up first and I was shaking like a jelly and feeling like a mouse when I was climbing up the tall ladder.When I got tightened to the harness I jumped backwards and heard the zipline crackling and did the iron man pose as I dropped towards the ground and saw Jimmy. I ran towards the tower for the others to have a turn.I enjoyed this day infinitely.

BY NEIL :):);):)

by John

                     Aero Jump

I was so scared because I wasn’t sure it was safe.We had to weigh ourselves and get a number.when it’s my turn Cody said you can do some awesome flips.I was on the airo jump and trying to do back flips but I couldn't. Everyone tried to do it but they failed.I was doing the superman                               pose and jumping.When I went down I was getting tickled.Then Cody lowered me and I was fading like air so this was my last jump.He lowered me to much that I couldn’t jump as my harness was to heavy. My face was flat on ground.

by John

by david

I was so excited for the water slide to be finally opened. After the first rotation Miss Ball told us to go to the water slide, I raced Aaron to the top. When we were at the top I asked Aaron
“Wanna race to the bottom Aaron”? Aaron said
“Sure why not” so I said
“On your marks get set go”!
Aaron and I went zooming down the water slide, but he still managed to win. Eventually Aaron said
“I’m freezing David let's go back now”. So we did, we dried ourselves and got changed. After a few more minutes it was lunch time.

By David

by Lancey

,.                         Camp fire

Last Friday we had a camp fine, all of us were so excited.The first this was, we had to collect soe sticks and woods, the plan was that we have to get a bunch of sticks and woods.

After we collected a bunch of sticks and wood Chris went to get the lighter and started lighting it. Then Chris gently threw the fire in the sticks, but it only made a tiny fire which is kind of  disappointing. We tried another idea so we had to put bunch of papers in the sticks but this time it made a medium fire.

A couple of minutes later after putting lots of paper it worked, the fire was huge. There were so many tiny bits of ashes falling down from the sky. Miss Ball handed out the sticks and marshmellows and everyone grabbed a marshmallow and  started roasting it.

Thank to the parents we get to eat roasted marshmallow. We were really glad though.

I has so much fun I really hope that when we go back to Woodend we can roast some marshmallow at night again.

By Lancey

by callum

                     Zip line

One extraordinary camp day at Woodend Group two were doing Zip
line! When I was trying to light a fire
With two sticks then Georgia came
over to me to give me the helmet,
Probably to stop me from lighting the
fire.So I dropped my stick, put on my helmet And ran up the stairs.Before
I could look over the edge Cody was
getting Ally ready to zip line down to
Jimmy.Then it was my turn When I looked down.This scared me I nearly didn't do it but I knew it was a great
opportunity,so I went And loved it
again,but they said “no” “I still got a
go though” I said.By the time we got
home I was in my seat thinking of what
activity to do at home,It was so boring
because I had absolutely nothing
to do! That how crazy camp was.

By Callum

Aero Jump at Woodend

Aero Jump
By Marama Moar-Tamoana

Suddenly it was my turn for the aero jump.  I was getting very nervous.  I could feel the harness tightening as I lifted up into the air.  As jumped on the trampoline I could feel the wind in my hair and the sun on my face.

I heard people saying, "Do a flip, do a flip, do a flip."

"No."  That's one thing i don't want to do.

I could see lots of people jumping as high as they could, but I  was going higher.  Eventually I was going so high my feet couldn't touch the ground anymore.

"Help," I screamed as my feet dangled in midair.

Everyone else on the aero jump was stuck too.

"Help," everyone shouted.  We all screamed as Peter lifted us as high as the aero jump could go.

This is what made the aero jump my favourite activity.

by mick

Once when I was at camp and did go karting.
Finally it was my turn to ride a go kart for the first time.
VROOM! Wow so close to hitting the tyres I don’t want to lose a lap.
After that the race finished.
I felt so excited and felt like a NASCAR driver driving a race car over the finish line.
The acceleration was so much fun to play with.
I had such a good time on the go kart.

                     By Mick

by Aaron.

Today we had a very challenging activity, archery after a couple minutes later it was my time to shine.
When I  tried to shoot it slipped out of the bow and I was a bit clumsy, after trying again and again I heard the arrow launch to the target without me noticing the arrow zipped to Nico’s target right on the edge. I tried to shoot my target then zoom!

It hit the target on the white. Well it was hard for me

by Anika

Lisa and Chris were explaining how to load the bow and arrow and how to shoot. When it was my go i stood up and loaded the bow and arrow.then i let go and it hit the blackboard.for the rest of my turns i hit the blackboard again and then the blue was the best shoot i took .i could hear Chris saying good job good job to me.i felt really proud of myself and i felt like i did a good job.

by Anika.

Go-karting inigo


I waited for my turn until I could drive the go-kart...
When I realized I was at the end of the line *sigh* I waited
and waited until… I could move down a line. Ten minutes
later It was my turn to wave some flags so when it was Ivans
3 lap, I waved the white flag then I waved the checkered flag
to make him stop. After that, I hopped into the cart and start
driving. I pushed the accelerator and I went super fast! WOW,
I slowed down a bit. But soon I see the white flag being
waved, so I go-karted like my life depended on it. I got stuck
on a little hill, but I just move on to the finish and get out of
the cart.

the slip in slide by adrian.

.+*The slip in slide*+.

We all ran to the big tall slip in slide leading down to some gooey mud.
We all rushed to the small ladder, turned on the tap to make it slippery and started to race down. We went super fast like a faulty torpedo in a swamp!
Aaron , David, Neal and I hopped out of the slip in slide, and all four of us…

Shiver to death!

by marian

Rock climbing wall

When it was my turn for the climbing wall I did the third climbing wall.

My hands were getting slimy as I got higher on the climbing wall.

Finally I touched the pole I could everyone cheering for me.

I felt so proud of myself. Then it was Georgia B turn.

She yelled,”are you ready?” Next three of us said “yes” and pulled and pulled the rope as hard as we could.
I felt the cold freezing wind when I was climbing up to the pole.

Suddenly when I was coming down I could smell the rope burning my hand.

By Marian

  Water slideI was excited as a Boy that had his birthday  today because it was time to go to the water slide.First I walked up the muddy slippery stairs.David turnt the cold water on.I zoomed down the slide I was fast as lightning.A big splash went over my Face as I got down.It was really fun.On my second try I zoomed down faster than a lightning…. Guess what I slipped of the slide And into the the mud opps know my clothes were dirty but I don't  care because the water slide was the thing in the world. By Aaron Cruz

Go Karts
As I put my hand up I got picked to go in the go kart first. My smile went from ear to ear as I hopped in. As the man got me started I went in a flash then I felt the strong breeze pushing against me as I drove the go kart. I could hear the the rustle of the wind and all the people of my group cheering me on.  I could see everyone cheering me as I drove the go kart. And I could smell the diesel of the engine. When the white flag waved at me I felt a bit sad because I loved the go karts they were so exciting so I had the exciting time while it lasted. Then Mackenzie waved the checkered flag at me and I parked perfectly then Mackenzie went in a flash to.


Climbing Wall At Woodend

Climbing Wall
Zipping my hand up “I’m ready!” I said to myself, I would love to go on the climbing wall!... bad idea I was shivering me timbers at that point screaming in fear ‘’put me down!!’’ Everyone was cheering ‘’Fine!’’.

Breathing heavily ‘’I got this’’ Step by step don't look down I hit the bar ‘’Are you ready to put me down!’’
‘’yes’’ They answered I went down The cold breeze went down my face bbbrrrrbrb Whilst I went down ‘’Puffed’’ I said to Mrs. Ball.

However, there were 4 in total oooooh noo I dragged myself onto the harness as time went I started climbing Harnesses were dangling beside me I hate that sound!
The alligators were very annoying so I took a break Meaning... Dangling off a wall acting like a superman.

I likely got stuck with red palms when I finished that one was an adrenalin booster just for that, one more.
It was hard higher than 1 and 2 also I heard the birds singing what a view!
But the impossible happened…
I made It I felt so good
Know I’m not afraid of heights!

By Kerby


                     Camp fire

First Chris and Jimmy thought they could  start the fire but they couldn’t because the wood was to wet.So Miss Ball went hunting for cardboard boxes to put onto the fire and WOW! The  fire lit up, we all clapped for Miss Ball because she started the fire. Also Sarah and I got so cozy and snugasabug that we didn’t want to leave. Later we had marshmallows, but not just any type of marshmallows, we had toasted marshmallows. We were so thankful that Miss Ball got the fire started.

By Mackenzie    

camp fire by Sarah.

First Jimmy and Chris tried to light the fire but they said the wood is to wet. all the children's  faces became sad.With great confidants Miss Ball said I'm not letting the children down. So Miss Ball set out on a mission to find some cardboard boxes.
When she arrived back she lit the fire then we toasted pink and white marshmallows delicious.
The fire was boiling.Ash was swept everywhere.
The smoke was making our eyes water.

I very much enjoyed this camp and I'm excited to go again.