Monday, 29 July 2019

David's Pastilyass Recipe

                                      How to make Pastilyass

1. Pour a cup of powdered milk in a big bowl
Tip. it must be the bear brand powdered milk.

2. Pour ⅓ of condensed milk.
Tip.make sure you get Alaska, one.

3. Then start mixing them with a spoon, when it's getting a bit harder to mix you'll have to use your hands.
Tip.make sure you clean your hands first.

4.When all of the ingredients are mixed together, and its as hard as a book that means you have to cut it in half and roll it, it should look like a round worm.

5. Get a knife and cut it into any shape you want.

6. Get another small bowl and add ¼ of sugar in the small bowl, then put your pastilyass in the small bowl and coat the balls in sugar.              Image result for pastilyas                 By David

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